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Green living is more than a fad. Increasingly people are making the choice to design and build a home to be more energy efficient. Building to the highest quality standards is the green way of doing business that treats both the customer and the environment in the best way possible.

Reducing material waste means using materials that are durable: HardiPlank siding, standing seam metal roofing, tile and mold resistant wood. In addition, high-quality and low-flow water fixtures and reclaimed wood are features that can be found throughout green homes. These materials are supplied locally, allowing our local economy to prosper.

Chris Martin's homes are strategically placed on a lot, taking advantage of natural sunlight, shade, and prevailing breezes. Trees and other natural vegetation are used as wind deterrents, and create a layout where heating and air-conditioning units are protected from the elements.

Chris Martin's homes are built to be energy efficient. By using better designs and higher grade materials, EnergyStar rated appliances, and LED lighting, homes require less energy to function. The use of formaldehyde-free spray foam insulation is gaining popularity along with closing the entire envelope of a home. Crawl spaces and attics are closed and humidity controlled. Ductwork and other mechanicals are now within heated space increasing their efficiency.

Heating and cooling systems are sized correctly, so that the circulating air in the home reduces moisture, mold, and mildew. By having appliances that are more efficient and better insulated, energy is saved. Strategic window design and use of low e-glass takes advantage of natural light further reducing energy use.

By using low flow fixtures, water consumption is reduced. With today's technology, this is accomplished. The use of re-circulating loops and tank-less water heaters that provide for instant hot water throughout the house encourages water conservation that will more than pay for the system over time. Exterior landscaping utilizes modern drip irrigation that reuses rain water efficiently.

Building green becomes a philosophy of the builder. Whether it is a gathering space designed with windows that are shaded by an outside tree, or a deck made with a renewable source such as Ipe, green building methods make a house more cost effective throughout its lifespan. Maintenance is reduced and future repairs will be lessened. Using green building makes a house a much better home.
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